JAX LNG and TOTE Complete First Renewable LNG Bunkering in the United States

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Train 1 Liquefaction Capacity


Gallons Per Day

On-Site Storage

2 Million


Loading Capabilities

Marine & Truck

State of the Art Facility

JAX LNG completed construction of Phase I in late 2018 and has been in operation ever since. An expansion of JAX LNG (Phase II) is currently underway. Once completed, Phase ll will double the LNG storage capacity and triple liquefaction at the facility located at Dames Point near Jacksonville, Florida. JAX LNG is North America’s first small-scale coastal LNG facility with both on-road and marine-loading capabilities servicing the marine, rail, drilling, mining, trucking, power generation, aerospace, and industrial markets. Additionally, JAX LNG has dual truck loading bays to properly serve the high demand LNG market, now and into the future.

Diversified LNG Supply

Through Pivotal LNG, JAX LNG has access to additional supply through the Trussville LNG facility located in Alabama as well as LNG supply from other existing liquefaction plants in the Southeast United States. These facilities provide LNG today and serve as backup supply should it be needed. For more information, visit www.pivotallng.com.

Long-Term Supplier

JAX LNG is the long-term supplier of LNG to the world’s first LNG dual fuel container vessels, the Isla Bella and Perla del Caribe, operated by TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico. Contact us for more information on long-term supply opportunities.

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JAX LNG and TOTE Complete First Renewable LNG Bunkering in the United States

JACKSONVILLE, FL – September 23, 2021 – JAX LNG, a small-scale LNG facility located along the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, recently completed the first fueling of a marine vessel in the United States with a blend of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable liquefied natural gas (RLNG).

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City permits for JAX LNG top $8 million

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The city issued six more permits Aug. 30 for $4.27 million in work toward the JAX LNG expansion in North Jacksonville, boosting the project to $8.27 million…

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LNG: The Jack of All Trades

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With the implementation of new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations in 2020 and the increasing need for a reliable and clean domestic energy..

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JAX LNG, LLC is a partnership created to bring reliable liquefied natural gas supply to Florida. The partnership brings together Pivotal LNG and NorthStar Midstream.