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Dominion Energy closes Pivotal LNG acquisition, assumes operating ownership of JAX LNG

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RICHMOND, Va. (March 24) – Dominion Energy today completed its acquisition of Pivotal LNG from Southern Company. With completion of the transaction, Dominion Energy now assumes 100%  ownership of Pivotal’s LNG facility in Trussville, Alabama and a 50% ownership of the JAX LNG facility in Jacksonville, Florida. NorthStar Midstream LLC owns the remaining 50% of JAX LNG.   

JAX LNG is the first small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in the United States with the capability to load LNG into both marine vessels and trucks.  Including Trussville, the two LNG facilities currently have the capacity to produce 180,000 gallons of LNG a day and to store 7 million gallons of LNG.  The JAX LNG facility has the space to expand production capacity an additional 480,000 gallons per day to meet the growing demand for LNG.  

“The acquisition of Pivotal LNG will play an important role in our broader strategy to help decarbonize the marine shipping industry,” said Roger Williams, Dominion Energy’s Vice President of Gas Development Services. “The acquisition of Pivotal and our existing Cove Point LNG facility in Maryland positions us well to lead the transformation of the marine industry and to serve other growing LNG markets along the east coast,” Williams continued. 

LNG is natural gas in a liquid form.  It is a safe, clean, domestically produced fuel that is utilized by marine, trucking, aerospace and industrial companies.  LNG is also a significantly cleaner alternative to traditional transportation fuels, producing 30% less carbon emissions than oil or diesel and virtually zero sulfur emissions. The maritime industry is increasingly shifting to LNG as a fuel to reduce emissions and comply with the new emissions standards adopted by the International Maritime Organization.  


About Dominion Energy 

More than 7 million customers in 20 states energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D), headquartered in Richmond, Va. The company is committed to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy and is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy with more than $100 billion of assets providing electric generation, transmission and distribution, as well as natural gas storage, transmission, distribution and import/export services. The company is committed to achieve net zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions from its power generation and gas infrastructure operations by 2050. Please visit to learn more. 

About Pivotal LNG 

Pivotal LNG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dominion Energy with more than forty years of experience providing clean, alternative energy solutions to industries throughout the United States – from power generation and manufacturing to marine transportation and heavy-duty trucking. With liquefied natural gas production, transportation and delivery capabilities, the company offers a number of reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.  

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